How I Reorganized My Bathroom

October 4, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

My master bathroom is a disaster and in desperate need of a remodel. The biggest issue, beyond the chipping paint and the faint smell of mildew, is there is no storage other than one shallow drawer and a small cabinet we bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

As much as we’d like to remodel, it’s probably not in the cards for this year. And, after spending 20 minutes looking for pair of nail clippers, I decided it was time to clean up and get organized.

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the mess I was facing:

Most of my products were stored in a basket on the counter. As you can see, it became more of a dumping area then a method of organization.

Speaking of dumping areas, the one drawer we had was filled with… honestly, I had no idea what was in there.

The cabinet wasn’t bad, just not well utilized.

After filling a garbage bag with old beauty products, used razors and other detritus and debris, I was able to organize what remained…

A metal stand from Target replaced the basket. Meant for the floor, I like how tall and slim it is, and that it can accommodate taller objects like my mousse and hairspray.

I used a drawer organizer to wrangle all the spools of floss, combs and nail clippers (I found 6 pairs of clippers during this exercise) and ended up with a ton of space in the drawer.

The cabinet was cleaned up and refilled with less frequently used products. The basket from the counter top was re-purposed, and now holds all of our travel size products.

Have you reorganized your bathroom recently?