Hello, Readers!

September 28, 2011 | By | Comments (3)

My name is Julia Edelstein, and I’m an associate editor at Real Simple magazine. I write the Simple List, contribute to the Solutions section (the home of “New Uses for Old Things”), and edit the Your Words and Book Club pages. (I’m the one who comes up with those book questions you answer on this blog. Thanks for your answers!)

As an avid reader and journalist, I’m thrilled you voted for The Imperfectionists. Friends and family have raved about this book to me. And since it combines two of my very favorite things—Italy and journalism—I imagine I’ll be captivated from page one.

Let’s break up the book like this:

“Bush Slumps to New Low in Polls “ through “Europeans Are Lazy, Study Says” (pages 1 to 74): for Friday, October 7

“Global Warming Good for Ice Creams” through “U.S. General Optimistic on War” (pages 75 to 129): for Friday, October 14

“The Sex Lives of Islamic Extremists” through “76 Die in Baghdad Bombings” (pages 132 to 202): for Friday, October 21

“Cold War Over, Hot War Begins” to the end (pages 203 to 269): for Friday, October 28

Enjoy the weekend, and happy reading!