Celebrating Ordinary Awesomeness

September 28, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

One of my favorite blogs is called 1000awesomethings.com. It’s just that—an ongoing catalog of awesome things, although none of the material kind. Just awesome situations, moments, realizations and other intangibles. (I’m not alone in loving the site—it’s already been turned into two books, a calender, and even a Smartphone app.)

To be honest, I’m not normally someone who gets gooey over such happy-go-lucky stuff (i.e. things that remind me of the axiom, “Every day is a gift, that’s why they call it the present…”) and people who coo over the color of their apple or the warble of a bird sometimes make me roll my eyes. I guess I’ve read too much snark or embraced ironic, sarcastic humor a bit too much.

But this blog totally breaks through all of that. Each entry is just SO true and SO evocative of the awesomeness of these teeny, tiny little moments.

Whether it’s “Guessing which pocket your keys are in while standing at your front door” or “The sound of the needle hitting a record,” each thing has that quality of Ahhhh! Yess!! Totally!, wherein you can’t stop nodding or smiling.

And perhaps it’s just that: the event or moment may be teeny but the thrill or satisfaction is outsize in strength. In the spirit of the site, here are a few things I consider awesome:

*Hopping on one foot when you have water in your ear (i.e. after a shower or a swim)– and feeling the warm water escape!

*Waking up and thinking it’s a work day/school day and realizing it’s the weekend!

*Having pressed “Save” just a few seconds before your computer crashes.

*Finding money in the pocket of an article of clothing you haven’t worn in a while. Whether it’s $1 or $20, it feels so good!

*Having exact change exactly when you need it most.

*Thinking you’ve gained a ton of weight while on vacation but you didn’t. (Maybe you even LOST a pound?!)

*Running your tongue over your teeth just after they’ve been cleaned at the dentist.

*Leaping over a big puddle and JUUUUST making it…and feeling like you deserve a round of applause.

What small things make you smile? What mini-moments do you find awesome?