Day 6: An Elegant (Yet Easy) Chicken Dinner

September 26, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

Today’s recipe, Chicken with Wild Rice and Grapes, was prepared by Tanya Christian, one of Real Simple’s editorial assistants.

Several years ago I made the decision to cut beef and pork out of my diet entirely. It was a New Year’s Resolution challenge that turned into a lifestyle change. Because I was never a huge fan of fish, my meat of choice instantly became chicken.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed trying new ways to create this simple dish, so I was excited to take on the Chicken with Wild Rice and Grapes recipe.

Ingredients for Chicken with Wild Rice and Grapes

In my version, I replaced the Kosher salt with Lawry’s seasoned salt and opted to remove the skin from the chicken.  Aside from that, I pretty much followed the recipe exactly.

Cooking Rice and Green Beans

When I cook this dish again, the one thing I will leave out is the margarine in the rice. I put in less than the recommended amount, and I still felt that it came out mushier than I would have liked.

Surprisingly, the crowd (mother, father and sister) favorite was the cooked grapes.

Sauteeing Grapes

For the most part, everything came out great. The chicken was nice and tender, the green beans were full of flavor and the grapes added a nice touch. To add to my delight, I was thrilled that it took me less than an hour to make and all the ingredients came in under $20.

Chicken with Wild Rice and Grapes

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