5 Entertaining Dishes I Can’t Live Without

September 26, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

When I entertain I find myself going back to the same five dishes over and over. Here are my five favorite serving dishes that I keep in my hostessing arsenal!

1. A Big White Platter

Food always looks appetizing on white. I use platters for anything from large side dishes to serving a veggie tray. This one from CB2 has been my recent favorite. It is a large modern platform that somehow turns anything into a majestic work of art.

2. A Drink Dispenser

Anytime I’m going to a large party I break out my drink dispenser. I make some sort of colorful concoction and throw some fruit or berries into it for added prettiness. It is perfect for when you volunteer to bring something to a school or church event.

3. Small Bakeables

I have a collection of various small ramekins and pots. I love prepping casseroles a day or two ahead and then popping them in the oven when guests arrive. They come out hot and ready to eat. So easy! Sur La Table and Crate and Barrel have the best selection for little bakeable dishes.

4. Cakeplates

I’m a little prejudiced when it comes to cakeplates. I have a little habit of buying any I lay eyes on. But I’m usually the first person people call when they are hosting a shower. Cake plates are perfect for adding height to any food display.  I love the Martha Stewart Line at Macy’s, they are nice proportions and you can usually find them on sale.

5. Wooden Salad Bowl

This was my favorite wedding gift we received and I love to give something similar when friends get married. Something about it looking so beautiful and earthy on the table and it only gets prettier with time. I never have a dinner party where it doesn’t make an appearance. This one from Terrain is pretty.

I’d love to hear what serving ware you use the most when you entertain. Please leave a comment with your suggestions.