Day 1: A Simple Salmon Supper

Today’s meal, Salmon with Gingery Green Beans & Bok Choy was prepared by Krissy Tiglias, Deputy Editor of

It’s the first day of our month of dinners, and I’m happy (and a little nervous!) to be kicking off this delicious series. When the time came for the staff to choose which recipe he or she wanted to make, I picked the Salmon with Gingery Green Beans & Bok Choy. I really enjoy salmon but tend to only eat it when I’m out. I just never know how to prepare it with the right seasonings or sides.

Salmon with Gingery Green Beans & Bok Choy Ingredients

The prep work for this dish was very easy.  Sliced carrots and scallions, chopped ginger, trimmed green beans, and cut up the bok choy. OK, even I can manage all of that.

Salmon Cooking

And the actual stovetop work was quick and effortless. First, I cooked and seasoned the salmon. Besides the salt, which the recipe called for, I added some pepper to the fish to give it an extra kick.

Salmon with Gingery Green Beans and Baby Bok Choy - Prep

When the salmon was done, I cooked the veggies until they were tender, turning them occasionally. When everything was finished, I drizzled (well, I actually doused because I love all things spicy) the Thai sauce over the veggies and salmon. And done! I think it even took me less than 30 minutes to make and was a huge hit all around.

Salmon with Gingery Green Beans and Bok Choy

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