Five-Minute Wow: Fishtail Braid

September 7, 2011 | By | Comments (35)

In this month’s issue, we featured an even simpler braid than the often showcased three-piece one. I decided to camp out on the photo shoot to get you tips on how to create this look at home.

Final Fishtail Braid

David Cruz, the hairstylist on the photo shoot, suggested to “treat your hair as if you were looping shoelaces.”  Step 1 is to divide your hair into two halves, as if you were making pigtails. Pull out a strand from the underside of one of the two halves, looping it over (like a shoelace) and into the center. Continue doing this weaving motion (step 2), alternating sides and pulling out smaller strands from underneath each of the two halves. The first few times you repeat this motion (step 3), you might want to hold the base that is being formed with your thumb, but as the braid forms (steps 4 through 6) you will be able to just keep taking pieces from the bottom and bringing them forward to form the fishtail. Lastly, don’t focus on getting a perfectly polished style. Regardless of whether your hair is layered or short, there will be little hairs sticking out at the bottom. Just before tying the end with a clear hair elastic (step 7), take a straightener to the very tip to set the style and clean up the little pieces of hair.

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Have you ever tried a fishtail braid before? Share your tips on how to create this look below!