Moms – Do you have a room of your own?

September 6, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

As listeners and readers of Manic Mommies will know, I recently forced my husband to move his disaster of a home office upstairs to the space formerly known as the guest room. (Because, to be perfectly frank, no one wants to visit us. And I don’t want them here either).

With his former space vacated, I decided not to turn it into a playroom for the kids, but instead to claim it as my own.

Not just a home office, it was to be my “mom cave.” A place I could store my cables and computers, unpack all my books and favorite things, hang artwork no one else wanted in their room (including a mirror with my name on it from my grandmother), and store wrapping paper and gift bags.

Months later, the room is complete and it has become that place that I wanted, and more … It has become my refuge.

It is the one room in the house where I have total control. Where what I want is what goes. (My husband learned this soon after my takeover when, after one comment too many, I asked him to please keep his opinion to himself). Where no one, but me, dares leave their dirty socks, sticky bowls or other assorted trash or treasures.

The kids have been warned that they are not allowed into the room without my permission, and after one unpleasant incident with a blue Sharpie marker, they have learned to obey. We have also found that hanging out in the office while I work and they color or do homework is a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

Posting pictures of the finished room to our web site, I realized that many moms are craving a room of their own.

So tell me moms – do you have a room of your own?