Fashion for Rent

August 25, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

If you’re looking for high fashion (or any fashion, for that matter) at an affordable price, then these three websites are worth checking out—all of them loan out tons of must-have pieces at very reasonable rates.


Rent The Runway

What’s the scoop? The brainchild of a couple of Harvard Business School coeds, this site lends out an array of high-fashion clothing and accessories from over 95 designers at a fraction of the cost. I recommend using it for special occasions like weddings, parties, or other formal events.

How does it work? First, choose your favorite piece. Then, tell them when you’ll need it. They recommend choosing your rental start date a couple of days before the actual event so you’re ensured to receive it in time. Simply return it (for free!) when you’re finished.

Some amazing bonuses? You get a backup size at no additional charge, so finding the right fit is basically guaranteed. And, you’ll receive both dresses with a pre-paid envelope, meaning returning them is not only free but also super easy.


Bag Borrow Or Steal

What’s the scoop? An accessories-only site that lets you know what it feels like to actually own a highly coveted piece – a Birkin, anyone? I recommend using this more for everyday occasions.

How does it work? Pick out what you like and rent it for up to a season of wear.

Some amazing bonuses? Returning your accessory of choice is free here, too. The caliber of designers is also high, ranging from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent.


Mine for Nine logo

What’s the scoop? This site caters to expectant mothers and their lack-luster wardrobe. The customer can rent (instead of buying) a piece of maternity clothing, which in my opinion is simply genius. The founder, Marisa Moss, had the idea after visiting two friends who felt the effects of a limited selection of often-times overly expensive maternity pieces. I would recommend this service to any mom-to-be.

How does it work? Choose what you like and rent it by the month – or longer if need be. Dressier pieces, like evening gowns, can be rented for up to 14 days.

Some amazing bonuses? There are many, but here are two of my favorites. First, each garment has been precisely measured (in the bust, waist, and hip areas, in addition to the inseams and length) to ensure it will perfectly fit any pregnant figure. Secondly, once clothing is no longer “borrowable” (but still in OK shape), MINE donates it to charitable organizations like Dress for Success.

Do any of these sites speak to your needs? Tell me which one you’re dying to check out!