Finding music my kids and I can agree on

August 23, 2011 | By | Comments (10)

On a recent episode of Manic Mommies (which, for those who don’t know, is the weekly podcast I co-host with my friend and fellow Real Simple blogger, Erin Kane), we ended up discussing music. Specifically how, now that the kids are getting older (together we have four children between the ages of 6 and 9), difficult it is to find music that is appropriate for not-so-little ears.

It also helps if the music is something we, the parental units, can also enjoy.

Finding music when the kids were little was easy – the Wiggles were on constant rotation with artists like Laurie Berkner providing breaks when my husband and I needed it (although to this day we still can’t hear the words “fruit salad” without responding “yummy, yummy.”

But now the children want to listen to our local top 40 station, which I didn’t think much about until I actually listened to some of the songs and realized we had problems. The lyrics were inappropriate (to put it mildly) and, in some cases, brought up “fun” questions from my kids – ‘mommy, what is a disco stick?’

Then, we bought our new Chevrolet Equinox (disclaimer – Chevrolet is a sponsor of Manic Mommies), which came with a free trial of XM/Sirius Radio through which we discovered Kids Place Live.

The songs on Kids Place Live are ridiculous. And silly. Sometimes gross. Sometimes serious. And, for the most part, incredibly enjoyable. Some of our favorites include:

– Did you see where the cat threw up by Barron Von Rumblebuss
– Kitty Fight by Joe McDermott
– Cucumber Canoe by The Missing Piece Band
– Fits right in by Robbie Schaefer
The Princess Who Saved Herself by Jonathan Coulton

We still end us with some funny questions, but they rarely involve sex or any “PG” topics. And here’s the crazy thing – my husband and I regularly find ourselves listening to Kids Place Live… even when the kids aren’t in the car.

What are some of our favorite sources for “family friendly” music?

Illustration of “The Princess Who Saved Herself” by Len Peralta.