My Fall Bedroom Makeover

August 23, 2011 | By | Comments (6)

The last couple of days here in New York have had a decidedly fall-ish tinge to them. I love that crisp feeling in the air, and can’t wait for fall, as it’s my favorite season. And it’s gotten me thinking about doing a little makeover to my bedroom. I’m ready for something a bit heavier and just a new look in general. I haven’t switched up my room since I moved into my current place. You can see what it looks like in this post about headboards.

And here’s how I’m thinking of redecorating, focusing mostly on the bedding and finally getting some art up above my bed:

West Elm Organic Chevron Duvet Cover

West Elm Organic Chevron Duvet Cover & Shams $89 for full/queen, plus $24 for each sham

I love this grey and white duvet cover from West Elm. My current duvet is also from there, and I’ve been really happy with it. I want to check this one out in person to see how heavy the fabric is. I also love that it’s organic cotton.

LittleBrownPen - Paris in Yellow

Paris in Yellow Post Cards from Little Brown Pen on Etsy $15 each (currently on BOGO sale!)

I actually have a slightly different set from the one shown above, from my friend Nichole of Little Brown Pen. She used to carry a set of nine 5-inch by 5-inch prints of her color series. I’m planning on hanging them in a three-by-three grid on the wall over my bed. (P.S., If you like Nichole’s photos, check out her announcement about the book she’s working on: Little Brown Pen + Chronicle Books. I’m very excited to see two of my favorites pair up!)

West Elm Floating Frames

West Elm Floating Lacquer Frames $14 for each 8-inch by 8-inch white frame

Finally, I bought these white floating frames for the prints. I like the lacquer look, and the fact that the prints will just barely float in the glass.

I think that these few small changes, along with some serious decluttering, will make a big difference in how my room feels. It will definitely freshen it up.

Do you have any redecorating plans for the fall? I’d love to know what you’ll be changing!