What Does Dinnertime Look Like at Your House?

My Dueling Dinnertimes

In our September issue, to help kick of our Take Back Dinnertime Challenge (you’re signed up, right?), our managing editor Kristin van Ogtrop shares the story of what a typical dinnertime at her house looks like—complete with trick forks and a four-year-old (naked) comedian. You can read her essay, My Dueling Dinnertimes, here.

So as part of the Take Back Dinnertime blog this month, we want to give you the chance to share portraits of your crazy dinnertimes. What are the funny, silly, slightly stressful things that happen as you try to get your family to the table? E-mail them to guestblogger@realsimple.com, and we’ll share a few each week on Simply Stated.

After all, it’s all those funny, if frustrating, anecdotes that make spending dinnertime with your family so enjoyable.

[illustration by Joe Ciardiello for Real Simple]