The Dangers of Colon Cleansing

August 22, 2011 | By | Comments (8)

One of the most frustrating “health” fads/watchwords these days is toxins. Yes, of course there are things that are legitimately toxic. (You know, stuff like high doses of arsenic, radiation, or lead.)

But what I’m referring to is the increasing chatter about how our bodies are teeming with toxins, our intestines caked with noxious debris…and that the solution lies in cleanses and colonics. I’m not kidding when I say that within the last six months I’ve read about and/or overheard at least six people crowing that an über-enema changed their lives and left them ten pounds lighter.

Of course, the medical establishment has long frowned upon these claims—citing the very logical, very scientifically-proven fact that the human body is not akin to some giant air conditioning filter that needs periodic scrubbing or else you will have ten years’ worth of build-up weighing you down. It’s just not how the body works. Nope, that gum you swallowed isn’t still hanging around!

In reality, the body is an amazingly self-regulating machine, and specifically, the colon is a beautifully complex organ naturally teeming with bacteria—most of the good kind that keeps you healthy!

Well, earlier this month a new report renewed the chatter about the topic, and confirmed that colon cleanses (be they performed via water irrigation methods, laxatives or herbal
supplements) are a bunch of…dare I say it?…Total BS!

According to research from Georgetown University, the procedure doesn’t do anything for your health, but it CAN cause some scary side effects, including a punctured colon, bacterial infections, and even kidney failure. 

At the risk of another silly pun, the “bottom line” is simple: don’t bother with colonics.