A New Way to Use Quinoa

August 19, 2011 | By | Comments (7)

Quinoa is the latest superfood trend that everyone’s buzzing about. And no wonder—this magical seed is a complete protein (it has all nine essential amino acids), cooks up quickly like a grain (it takes about 15 minutes), and is gluten-free, too. Plus, it’s easy to dress up in all kinds of ways for delicious, healthy side dishes.

Quinoa is starting to pop up in all kinds of places—I’ve seen cookies, pasta, and chocolate either made from or incorporating the seed—but here’s a first: quinoa vodka. Once an ingredient shows up in my cocktails, I know it’s really taking off.

Fair Quinoa Vodka is the first quinoa-based vodka and, even better, it’s fair-trade certified (meaning the farmers who provide it are paid fairly and equally). It’s a little richer and more complex than your usual vodka (which is usually distilled from grains or potatoes) and you can detect a bit of nuttiness in it. I could see sipping it on its own over ice; or, substitute it for traditional vodka in your favorite cocktail to give it a bit of a twist.

Want to pick up a bottle and try it for yourself? It retails for about $33 and you can buy it online here.
bottle of Fair Quinoa Vodka

(image: caskstore.com)