Eye Creams: What To Look For

August 16, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

I remember the day I got my first eye cream–if this isn’t telling of why I enjoy my job, I’m not sure what else is. I was eighteen years old and my mom bought me Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream (which I still think works wonders). After years of watching her and my grandmother practice this daily application, I was so excited to feel like one of them. Naive, I know.

Shortly after, I discovered the plethora of eye creams in beauty land.  I still find it hard to maneuver through the sea of choices and pick the perfect one. Don’t you?

To break it down for all of us–or at least me–I spoke with Rosario Gonzalez, the lead aesthetician at Alchimie Forever  (a spa in Washington, D.C. with their own product line). She agrees with my mother in that prevention is the key. “Women should start using eye cream in their early 20s,” she emphasized, “waiting to see a problem, is waiting too long.”  She also mentioned that whether you use a gel or cream is your own preference, which will depend on skin type. The right ingredients are what you should focus on. Below are Rosario’s suggestions on what will help conquer three major under eye issues.

For dark circles: Vitamin K is the gold standard; look for products that have ingredients rich in this nutrient (i.e. alfalfa).

For puffiness: Here you’ll want to look for something that will have a tightening and diuretic effect, such as apple or anything containing caffeine.

For fine lines and wrinkles: Look for products that have a broad range of ingredients, from peptides to retinoids to antioxidants. The more of these the better!

Do you use an eye cream? If so, what brand are you loyal to? Share your recommendations below!