My Favorite Party Secret

August 10, 2011 | By | Comments (16)

I’m so happy to be joining the team here at Simply Stated and Real Simple! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jordan Ferney, and I run a blog called Oh Happy Day. Besides my little family at home, my greatest passion is parties. I love to throw them, plan them, be a guest, we even have a column in our monthly budget just for parties. I’ll be posting here weekly about some of my favorite party ideas. And I’ll start now with my all-time favorite party tip.

When planning a party of course I think about all the normal things like invitations and food, but in addition I always start with a surprise. Big or small, there has to be a surprise. It will be that one thing that people will tell their friends about the next day or even remember a year later. If it is just a small dinner party, then it will be something like custom fortune cookies made with personal jokes for each attendee. Or if it is a large outdoor party, I would rent some industrial bubble machines and surprise everyone with an outdoor space filled with a million bubbles. It’s funny because years later people rarely remember if the food was good, but they almost always remember the surprise.

Have you ever been to or thrown a party with a great surprise?

photo credit: Oh Happy Day