What Backpack is Best for Back to School?

August 9, 2011 | By | Comments (19)

As sad as it makes my son when I say it, the reality is that we can no longer ignore the fact that we need to start thinking about going back to school. With the list of supplies nearly fulfilled, my thoughts turn to backpacks.

At BlogHer 2009, I received a free backpack from Lands End which we gave to our son who was going into the first grade. Two years, grades and summers at camp later, the backpack is going strong, with only a few minor tears in the piping on the front. It’s a little stinky and dirty, but I’m hopeful that after a trip through our washing machine, it will make it through another year, despite my son’s pleas for a new pack.

Now it’s our daughter’s turn to go to first grade, and to get her first real backpack.

Given how well my son’s pack has stood up, I’ll probably purchase another Lands End backpack – I think she will like the Solid ClassMate SmallHaul Backpack in pink ($29.50) despite the fact it does not have Barbie, Tinkerbell or the Power Puff Girls on the side.

But before I pull the trigger on a new backpack I thought I’d ask – what backpack do you think is best for back to school?