Hair Removal: What Is Your Go-To Solution?

August 8, 2011 | By | Comments (3)

After doing our hair removal road test, I found it so interesting to learn how everyone’s preferences ranged. Some people wouldn’t go near a razor and were all about waxing, others only liked razors.

In the summer I like waxing best, because it leaves my skin smooth for weeks (translation: less work for me). My favorite salon is Uni K Wax–the wax used there is so soft that even the most sensitive skin won’t turn red. It’s amazing! And the salons–Uni K Wax is a national franchise–have a luxury spa-like feel, so you’re instantly relaxed.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with New York City–based technician Adriana to get her advice on how to achieve the most painless waxing experience. Her four main suggestions were: exfoliate, hydrate, don’t tweeze, and stick to the same person. She explained that the hair on our legs, arms, etc., is just like the hair on our head. We need to cleanse it, condition it, and keep it healthy so it grows in correctly. She also emphasized that “if your skin is moisturized and exfoliated it will greatly decrease the chance of ingrown hairs.” Lastly, booking consistently with the same person might sound strange at first, but she used the analogy of a hairdresser. Once you find someone you like, you stick with her or him, and this logic is even more important when it comes to hair removal. The  technician gets to know you, and your body (even if it’s subconsciously) gets used to the expert’s technique. This is now my new mantra—scrub, moisturize, and repeat.

Answer my poll below and share what your preference is during the summer months.