Would You Decorate Your Home with a Custom Neon Sign?

August 8, 2011 | By | Comments (4)

Beautiful by John Kalymnios, 2008

I came across this piece of art by John Kalymnios while browsing Kate Spade’s color of the month (blue!!) for August, and it reminded me of the custom neon sign that one of my parents’ friends had in her home when I was growing up.

I hadn’t thought much else about neon signs until reading this feature on Urban Omnibus about Kirsten Hively, and her Project Neon. It got me thinking about what kind of sign I would want in my home. I think it would be very cool to have one that says “La Vie Est Belle” in a similar style as the above photo as part of a gallery wall.

If neon signs aren’t for you, check out these pieces of furniture that have neon incorporated into them via Apartment Therapy. And if you’re ready to pull the trigger and buy a custom neon sign, here’s a company where you can order it: Let There Be Neon.

Would you consider a custom neon sign in your home? If so, what would it say and where would you hang it.