What are your favorite “real simple” toys?

August 2, 2011 | By | Comments (5)

Last week my 6 year old daughter and I had a fun summer schedule – each morning she would come to my office for breakfast from the cafe downstairs, followed by a little time playing with the toys I have stashed in my bookcase.

Within the hot pink polka-dotted bins are a variety of goodies including old toys from McDonald’s, favors from weddings long since passed, and other assorted fun things. But her favorite item to play with, above all else, is a stack of plastic cups.

I blame/credit my co-worker for coming up with this genius toy during one particularly hairy visit to the office (I don’t remember why she was here, but I do remember I was going out of my mind trying to work and distract her). He gave her the cups, which we had received mistakenly in an order from our favorite office supply store, and taught her how to stack them into towers and other structures.

Since then, the plastic cups have remained a favorite distraction here at the office, which also serves as a wonderful reminder for me not to forget the simple pleasures of low tech toys and quiet moments.

What are some of your family’s favorite “real simple” toys?