Where Do You Shop For Office Supplies?

August 1, 2011 | By | Comments (3)

It’s August 1st and I’m thinking about organization and making sure everything is in order before I begin traveling later this month and in September. The better organized I am, the happier I feel about leaving my husband alone for several weeks — it’s important that he knows where everything is in case I have to call from the road to request that he pulls something for me or sends an item I forgot, etc. When you’re organized, you can rule the world! ha ha! Well not really, but it does feel good to know where your stuff is.

I once surfed See Jane Work for inspiration and products when I lived in the states because they carry the best brands and offer exceptional, reliable service. I ordered from them whenever I needed to organize my home or office or just needed a paper product or two because really, who ever tires of pretty things to write on? One brand that they carry is German brand Semikolon . They have the best magazine file boxes ever and so well made.

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After moving abroad I can no longer look to my usual suppliers like See Jane Work so here in Germany I visit Muji, IKEA or HEMA for office and home organization bits – boxes, bins, bags, etc. When I lived in the US, I would buy from See Jane Work, Paper Source, The Container Store and Target.

What brands or stores do you go to for your office supplies? Any good tips to share for other readers tuning in also with the same question?

(images: see jane work)