Supinator, Pronator, or Neutral: What’s Your Foot Type?

July 27, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

Running shoe soles

Figuring out your foot type before heading out to buy new running shoes or cross-trainers, can help you narrow the field and (hopefully) try on fewer pairs. Here’s how to tell if you’re a supinator, pronator, or if you have a neutral gait based on a pair of broken-in flats.

1. Supinator: If your shoes are worn on the outer edges, like in the first illustration, you’re likely a supinator. Most supinators, or underpronators, have high arches and their feet tend to roll outward. Look for cushioning shoes for shock absorption.

2. Neutral: If your shoes show an even wear pattern, like in the middle illustration, you likely have a neutral gait with even weight distribution across your foot. You’ll need stability or moderate-stability shoes which offer balanced support.

3. Pronator: If your shoes look like the third illustration with wear on your big toe and the outer edge of your heel, then you’re likely a pronator, meaning your feet roll inward and you likely have flat arches. Look for shoes that are labeled motion-control or high-stability to keep your feet better aligned.

Once you’ve determined your foot type, check out these running shoes and cross-trainers that are right for each gait.