Friday Find: Silver Linings (aka The Sweaty Shoe Solution)

July 22, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

It’s H-O-T!

Thanks to this massive heat wave sweeping through the central and eastern regions of the country, it literally feelings like a steam room outside. And, every pore of my body is emitting sweat. Gross, but true.

One of the most uncomfortable sweat-ridden areas is my feet. Can I get a witness? Don’t you hate when the sweat from your feet…

1. Causes rubbing against your shoes, which then lead to blisters?

2. Make your shoes smell like last month’s garbage?

I do! So, I was thrilled to discover this new product by Chu Shu called Silver Linings.

Silver Linings are infused with Agion silver, an EPA-registered and environmentally friendly material that inhibits growth of bacterial odor while also absorbing moisture. Beyond its odor-blocking powers, the liners also help preserve the life of your shoes.

An anti-slip backing allows you to switch the lining to a different pair of shoes with ease, which means there isn’t any harsh adhesive that causes damage to the inside of the shoe. Each set of linings last about 2-3 weeks.

I tried using them in my sandals, but since they don’t “stick” to your shoe the lining would not stay in place. However, they are perfect for pumps and ballet flats–or any other closed-toe or peep-toe shoe that you don’t want to wear socks or tights with to prevent sweating. Sometimes peds are just too big and bulky for certain shoe styles, so these linings are a great alternative.

A pack of 3 pairs retails for $15.99. Gotta love that no-sweat price!

Happy Friday!