How Do You Squelch Motion Sickness?

It’s said that more than 34 million Americans will hit the road for a car-based family vacation this year, and there’s millions more who will board in a plane, step onto a boat, or take other modes of transport.

But what about those of us who tend to get horribly, miserably motion sick? I’m one of those people, although thankfully, my motion sickness is no where near as bad as it was when I was a child. I can pretty much predict what will set me off, and simply avoid those situations.

I wasn’t so lucky on a recent trip with my family, during a heinously herky-jerky ride to the airport before an even longer day of travel. Worse still? Seems I’ve passed my carsickness onto my 22-month-old daughter. (The tendency to get green around the gills on-the-go IS actually something you can hand down. Apparently, it involves a particular sensitivity within the inner ear’s equilibrium center. Just ask the Duggar family—17 out of the 20 family members get sick!)

Anyways, within 5 minutes of the 45-minute drive to the airport we were both pitched forward in discomfort and my poor toddler actually tossed her cookies. (The cross-country plane ride and subsequent two-hour car trip, thankfully, was much less eventful.)

I’ve tried many of the usual tricks over the years and indeed, some of them have helped.

*I won’t read anything but road signs (this further discombobulates the inner ear). No road maps, no playing Words With Friends on my iPhone, and certainly no leafing through a magazine!

*I keep my eyes on the horizon line as much as possible —another way to try to keep everything on the level, so to speak.

*I connive my way into the front seat whenever I can. This minimizes motion, especially when you’re in a larger vehicle that can bounce or fishtail.

*I tend to stick to boats that are…um… self-propelled. (Kayaking or canoeing excursions are have always been so challenging and exciting I don’t find myself having the energy to get sick!)

*I did use the scopolamine patch many ago, for a week-long cruise, and I know some people swear by acupressure wristbands such as Sea Bands, at least for morning sickness!

*When I’m absolutely desperate, I will pop a Dramamine tablet and conk out. Not a great options when you’re sight-seeing or need to care for a young child

*Finally, I always, always know where my motion sickness bag is located and often bring a few spare baggies myself. You never know!

But surely there are other tactics and tips out there? Got any great home remedies? I’d especially love to know how to help little kids–especially those stuck riding backwards in a car seat.