My Essential Kitchen Tools

July 13, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

On a recent trip to the kitchenware store, I was amazed by the variety of gadgets available to cooks today.  It seems as if there is a tool for every culinary task—miniature, inch-high box graters for single cloves of garlic, flexible silicone bowls that float in water for poaching eggs, serrated plastic knives for chopping lettuce, slicers specifically for hard-boiled eggs.  And the list goes on.

Kitchen Tools

This got me thinking about the cooking “stuff” that I cannot live without. As a food professional, I have amassed quite the arsenal of go-to kitchen tools. I adore my plastic-handled serrated knife (which cost me about $25), which slices through both crusty baguettes and ripe summer tomatoes. I love my razor-sharp Japanese knife, with its super-thin blade that does most of my cutting work for me. I hate wet herbs and salad greens, so I cherish my salad spinner. My garlic press is a miracle-worker, and the coffee grinder doubles as my spice grinder.

What kitchen tools can’t you live without?

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