Hairstyles That Will Get You Through a Weekend Away

I know, it sounds like an impossible task. Everyone runs into this problem: You’re going away for the weekend, but you don’t want to lug along your vanity. We all have the same plan of attack: You do your hair perfectly for the first day, which will last the second day as well. But the third day your hair is falling flat–literally. I went to Naeemah, a stylist at Blow the New York Dry Bar, for help. Her solution was simple (yes, regardless of hair length): a curling iron and dry shampoo is about all you need.

Short Hair


The look: Side braid with curls in the back.

What you need: 1-inch curling iron, 2 bobby pins, powder dry shampoo, and flexible-hold hair spray.

What to do: Apply the dry shampoo from root to tip, then section off your hair going from the bottom to top. Curl in all different directions to create a textured and modern look. Use the hair spray sparingly to just hold it all together. Finally, part your hair the way you normally wear it and make a loose braid from the part that ends behind the ear. Use the bobby pins to create a crisscross and just spray a bit to hold the braid.


Medium-Length Hair


The look: Loose beach waves.

What you need: 1 1/4-inch curling iron, wave-enhancing spray, dry shampoo, and hair spray.

What to do: After applying the dry shampoo, start medium to small sections of the hair. Curl away from your face and don’t focus on getting perfect ringlet curls. Just focus on getting the shape of the curl. When you’re done, throw your hair forward and spritz a wave-enhancing spray all over. Run your fingers through to break up the curls, to make them look more natural. Finally, spray some hair spray to hold it throughout the day.


Long Hair


The look: Messy side chignon with twists in the back.

What you need: 1 1/4-inch curling iron, long and short bobby pins, dry shampoo, and hair spray.

What to do: Once the dry shampoo is completely blended in (are you seeing a pattern here?), curl alternating small and large sections all over. Again, don’t focus on getting the curl perfect, just get the wave. To create a base for the chignon, first tease the hair where you want to place it. Then grab the majority of the hair, twist, and loosely scrunch into the base. Remember to leave two pieces out on the side–take them from the opposite side of where the bun will sit. Use the large pins to set in place, and the smaller ones for support. Use your best judgment on where you need extra hold. This shouldn’t be perfect, so don’t use a million pins. Four or five, total, will hold the hairstyle in place–promise. Then twist the two strands into the chignon. You can also braid them. For the final touches, use the hair spray–just a little–to hold the style all day.


Do you like these looks? What other hairstyles do you want to learn how to do at home? Share below!