Julee’s Wedding Countdown: Our “Novel” Wedding Theme

July 11, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

One of the first questions I got after getting engaged (next to “have you set a date?”) was “do you have a theme?”

My first reaction was to keep it simple and go with a beach theme since we would be on Martha’s Vineyard. But I quickly nixed it since we chose MV because my fiance’s family owns a house on island and he spent his childhood summers on the island; not because we particularly live and die for beaches in general. So a beach theme seemed a bit forced to me.

But then it dawned on me since we’re both writers (my finance is a life-long writer, major bookworm and currently writing his first novel)– writing, books, magazines or some other type of literary idea would be the easiest and most thoughtful theme to incorporate. Duh!

So, with that said, here are just a few ways in which I’ve tied in our “novel” theme (there will be plenty more ideas in posts to come. I really went to town on this theme):

1. Our Save-The-Dates

To blend my fiance’s love of books and my love of fashion (shoes in particular), I commissioned our awesomely talented friend and graphic designer Lorin Brown (One And Done Studio) to create our STDs as an abstract image of a line of books and a pair of shoes as the bookends. The result is an amazing collage of elements that define us separately and as a couple. I had the image letterpressed by Amelia Grohman on postcard sized paper stock and the rest is history. I think they came out beautifully!

2. My Clutch

Since they launched, I have been obsessed with Kate Spade’s whimsical novel clutch collection. You can find a variety of the classics like The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice and Emma. There are several that would work perfectly with our “novel” theme, but I chose “Great Expectations” because that’s just what I have; great expectations of our amazing life together. And I adore the little heart on the cover too!

3. Our Wedding Favors

I thought it would be a novel idea (hahaha) to give everyone vintage used books as wedding favors! My mom, being the sharp-eyed shopper I know her to be, found a slew of old hardcover Readers Digest books with bold and beautiful binding at Baldwin’s Book Barn and Frazer Antiques–two great shops near my parent’s house in Pennsylvania. She has been able to buy a book for as little as 50 cents and $2 at the most. And, since they are Readers Digests, there are several stories included in each book. P.S. I’m going to have the books at each table place setting and make the escort cards bookmarks. 

75 more days!