Pump Up The Volume

A beauty trend that never gets old: big voluminous hair. I’ve never met a gal–with short or long locks–who wasn’t looking for bigger, better hair. Since Alterna launched their Bamboo Volume product line this summer, I sat down with Michael Shaun Corby, their Global Creative Director, to get the best volumizing hair tips.

Three Volumizing Hair Tips (and 1 must-have product)

Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and towel-blot your hair. Apply a good base of styling product (such as volumizing spray or thickening lotion), then layer this with a volumizing mousse from root to tips.

Blow-dry with a natural bristle round brush, which will help prevent breakage.  A hairdryer with a cool button is also helpful, because blasting roots with cold air once they are dry will help ruffle the hair cuticle–making hair appear thicker. Focus on lifting the hair at the roots while drying. Sometimes blow-drying upside-down can also help get that lift you’re trying to achieve. For shorter hair: try blow-drying with a diffuser, instead.

Avoid products that list oils or silicones in the first 3 ingredients. Ingredients are listed from highest to lowest quantity–too much oil or silicone will ultimately weigh down the hair. Look for water-based formulas and products listed as “lightweight”, “root lifting”, or even “oil-free”.

For a mid-day pick me up try Bamboo Volume Root Blast ($24, sephora.com). When spraying the roots with a lifting spray, you want to spray small areas one at a time. The formula for Root Blast is part dry shampoo and part dry hair spray–a combination that will lift and thicken at the roots. To get similar results, you can also use a spray dry shampoo.

Do you have your own volumizing hair tips? Share them below!