Trina Turk Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics For Schumacher

July 7, 2011 | By | Comments (5)

I just love fashion designer Trina Turk’s second collection of indoor/outdoor fabrics for Schumacher. Her love of color, vintage clothing, mid century modern style and poolside chic is so evident in this gorgeous collection.

Her outdoor collection is of woven fabrics dyed with a special solution for acrylic yarns to keep them from fading and are highly durable. I love all of the pattern, texture and fashion-derived color palettes from this collection and find that even a few simple cushions on budget furniture on a patio could be just the spark needed to take an outdoor space up a notch from so-so to fabulous.

Do you decorate with designer textiles and if so, what lines do you like to buy from? Who is your favorite fabric designer? Do you have a favorite pattern? I was asked this recently in an interview and I didn’t know what to say – there are so many, but I definitely listed Trina Turk’s collection as one sure favorite of mine.

Ah, summer. I love you and all of your bright colors and eye catching patterns!

(images: schumacher)