Julee’s Wedding Countdown: Our Labor Of Love & Amazing Wedding Blogs

July 5, 2011 | By | Comments (6)

It’s safe to say that I have been completely obsessed with all the amazing wedding blogs out there. I spend more time then I would like to admit drooling over all the real wedding pictures, DIY projects, vendor suggestions, and so much more!

The sites are visual wonderlands of inspiration that consistently make my heart flutter and imagination soar.

Here is a list of my top 5 sites that you MUST checkout:

1. Style Me Pretty

2. 100 Layer Cake

3. Ruffled

4. Green Wedding Shoes

5. Brooklyn Bride

Thanks to my hours of perusing, I fell in love with and found my dream wedding photographers–Our Labor Of Love!

Words can not describe how I feel about this company (amazed, awestruck and addicted come to mind). Any weddings from the blogs that stopped me in my tracks; made my eyes glaze over in joy; or prompted me to call my mother or sister due to its sheer beauty was always shot by one of the uber talented photographers from Our Labor Of Love. So it’s no surprise that they were the first people I called once we got our date and location squared away.

The company is run by the cute-as-a-button husband and wife team Whitney and Jesse Chamberlin and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. My photographers will be Heidi Geldhauser and Julia Robbs from the fabulous OLOL team!

Yes, my wedding is in Martha’s Vineyard, but I didn’t even think twice knowing I had to fly them in from Georgia. It has definitely upped the budget more than I expected—but photography is one of the few things you should not skimp on and I couldn’t imagine anyone else shooting my wedding.

Don’t these pictures just make you happy?

In addition, I’m using Our Labor Of Love’s sister company Smilebooth for some extra special entertainment. Smilebooth offers a life-size photobooth. No more crowding into a photobooth machine—the Smilebooth offers a fun backdrop with a camera hookup that allows you to take your own photos! Tons and tons of fun!

Before I go, here’s another great idea I borrowed from my research on the wedding blogs: vintage handkerchiefs for the ceremony.

I purchased 150 of these beautiful vintage handkerchiefs on eBay for just $100! I plan on putting them on a table at the entrance of the chapel with a sign that says “Take a hanky for your tears of joy!” Cute, right?

81 Days to go!