Hi, RS Book Club Readers!

July 2011 book The Space Between Us

I’m Claudia Bloom, and I’m happy to be here as your next Real Simple No-Obligation Book Club leader. It’s my first venture doing this, and it’s exciting for me to step away for just one month from my real, live New York City book club friends to join all of you involved readers here.

As a research editor at Real Simple (since almost the magazine’s start), I’m one of the staffers who make sure that the stories you read check out. From confirming the price and fabric of a J.Crew top, to getting a dermatologist’s full title, to nailing down a home designer’s quotes on how to use bright color when redoing your living room—I work hard to get the facts straight. My greatest personal interest is in health and fitness, so although I research and check every subject that we cover, that one is my favorite. Sometimes it’s the most challenging to get right, but it’s a topic I feel is so important for all of us. A fun day at the office for me is getting to talk to someone like a hula hoop “expert” about fitness tips or a lead Harvard brain researcher about her study on aging.

But on to to our book.

I’m so looking forward to reading Thrity Urmigar’s The Space Between Us with you. This book appeals to me for a number of reasons: I’ve never read a work by this author; I’m not too familiar with India (I tend to read fiction that takes place in the U.S. or Europe); Urmigar was a finalist for a PEN award for the book, so I figure it must be well-written. Plus, I like to read about strong or conflicted relationships—in love, friendship, families—and the relationship between the two women in this story seems to be one that could inspire or teach me.

So let’s all take this reading journey together like this:

July 7: Chapters 1 through 7

July 14: Chapters 8 through 13

July 21: Chapters 14 through 18

July 28: Chapters 19 through the end

Have a safe, happy holiday, everyone!


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