Create Your Own Amazing Outdoor Dining Chair

June 30, 2011 | By | Comments (6)

In my last post, I forgot to mention that I am the self-appointed design consigliere to everyone I know. If I overhear someone talking about design, I politely offer my expert opinion and then bully them into taking my advice.

Lately, I’ve been helping our senior home editor find outdoor dining chairs. I did my usual market research and found that everything was either super modern or super generic with beige microfiber cushions.  She is a modern woman, so mission accomplished for her, but I, on the other hand, am a mix of styles with a mandatory added dose of glamour. Thus I was left longing for my perfect outdoor chair.

Sidenote: When shopping for the magazine and others I am not fully satisfied until I find at least one thing that makes my heart flutter.

But, last weekend while helping another friend shop for her apartment, I came across a pair of the most spectacular vintage (read: really expensive) outdoor dining chairs in the Jonathan Adler store. They had glamour plus drama. I could just see myself sitting on one close to a pool, drinking a gimlet with a new cute future boyfriend. You have to buy the pair… My heart was pounding with excitement, but it stopped when I saw the price.  They are definitely worth it if you have an extra gazillion somewhere.  Seriously.  Just look at them!

Since I was really into my fantasy, have a teeny bit of outdoor space, and the perfect glasses for gimlets (new cute boyfriend still to come), I had to figure out how to get these chairs. I realized immediately I wouldn’t be able to get those exact chairs but I could recreate the feel of them.  Isn’t it all about how something makes you feel anyway?

I did a little more research and found the weirdly amazing Jardin de Marie Outdoor Armchair from Pier 1 Imports.

Jardin de Marie Outdoor Armchair

Ok, I know the chair feels totally different, but it is just as glamorous. I can still make it hot.  THEN I found the exact fabric by F. Schumacher (normally to the trade only) on in two color options.


And Punch:

I can spray paint the chair black and have a cushion made in that fabric!  LOVE!  If you are not into black and yellow like I am, leave it white or paint it orange and use the same fabric in the punch colorway instead. HOT! DONE!  I’ll be sure to post pics when I finish this project.

Have you done any D.I.Y. projects based off something you saw in a store?