King, Queen, or Full: What Size Bed Do You Have?

Full Size Bed in a White Room

Yesterday, in a meeting with our home department about an upcoming story, I learned an interesting fact. Did you know that many photographers who shoot interiors only photograph full size beds?

Apparently, both king beds and even queen beds look too large in a photograph. King beds being too large I completely understand, but I never really thought there was that much of a difference between queen and full size beds. Clearly I was wrong.

Here are the measurements (from large to small):

California King: 72-inches by 84-inches
King: 76-inches by 80-inches
Queen: 60-inches by 80-inches
Full: 54-inches by 75-inches
Twin: 39-inches by 75-inches

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So now I want to know what size bed you sleep in. (And don’t forget to make your bed everyday!)