Why You—Yes, You—Should Be Writing a Blog for RealSimple.com

The Simply Stated Blogger Contest

When I was in second grade, I received a report card that my mother will apparently never forget. It wasn’t the grades that were memorable; it was the teacher’s comments. “Has trouble waiting her turn,” “calls out the answer,” “interrupts others”—you get the picture. It was, in short, all about me, me, me. I blame genetics: My father calls out the answer, and so on. So do two of my sons. There is a well-intentioned but decidedly obnoxious show-offy streak that runs through my whole family. Thank God for my husband, who does not interrupt others, and my oldest son, who has no trouble waiting his turn. As for the rest of us…I’m sorry. Some days are worse than others.

So this compulsion of mine to be heard is not a new thing, which is part of why I fell in love with blogging when I launched “Adventures in Chaos” in 2007. Suddenly I found a whole new audience, beyond the by-then-very-bored-with-my-stories members of my family! Jackpot!

But aside from the eternal pleasure of not waiting my turn and calling out the answer, as it were, blogging on RealSimple.com showed me that women have a lot more in common than they have differences. Who knew, for example, that my children were not the only ones who went outside in their socks? Or who struggled to know how many Girl Scout cookies was enough? Or who marveled at the fact that we are now a nation of people who do not hold doors for each other?!?!?

Your comments over the years have made me laugh, worry, steam, think. And to know with certainty that there are plenty of women out there with plenty of insightful things to say.

So now it’s your turn. This week Real Simple launches its first blogger contest. The topic: Who is the person you are most surprised to be friends with?

Judging by the wisdom of your comments on “Adventures in Chaos,” I know you have interesting thoughts on friendship. Why not share them with the rest of us? For details, go to realsimple.com/bloggercontest. I can’t wait to keep my own mouth shut for once, and to hear what you have to say!

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