Creating My Vision Board

June 1, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

Poster board

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This reads like the supply list for one of my son’s class projects, but it’s actually what I’ve been collecting around the house for a craft project of my own. Today I’m creating a vision board.

A little back story: For my birthday this year I treated myself and hired a professional life coach. Sure, a weekend at a spa would have been more relaxing, but engaging a coach is something I have always wanted to do. With two business, two kids, a busy household and now a new puppy to train, I’ve got a lot going on (I know, who doesn’t?).

Every day was starting to feel like one missed opportunity after another. I was wasting time chasing dead ends and being busy with things that just didn’t have any relevance to my businesses. The pace of my physical rehab following knee surgery was starting to slow down and all meaningful family time was being replaced by the frenzy of youth spring sports season.

Like many busy women I know, I was feeling scattered. What’s worse, was the feeling that I lacked purpose and direction. Something had to change.

Working with a life coach can be an amazing experience. I plan to write more about that another time. This week’s assignment was to create a vision board for my two businesses. What do I want my businesses to be now and in the future? Can I integrate them somehow? How can I be more deliberate about the kinds of clients I want to work with or the types of accounts I want to be managing?

The idea is to place your vision on paper and look at it every day.

Admittedly, this is not a new or novel concept. In high school I created dozens of collages in the privacy of my bedroom using back issues of Seventeen and Tiger Beat. Oprah’s been talking about it for years! And yet I have never taken the time to visually articulate what I want my businesses to be and how they fit into my overall life goals.

So on this beautiful spring day I am closing the computer, turning on the music, pulling out the craft supplies and working on my vision board. I can’t wait to see what I create.

Do you have a vision board in your home or office? What’s on it?


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