Starting Next Wednesday: 30 Days of Creativity

May 27, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

Here's a little something to ponder over your long weekend. Starting next Wednesday, June 1st, you can join the 30 Days of Creativity project. Basically the founders are asking people to pledge to create one thing each day in June. It doesn't matter what it is; instead, it's about exercising that portion of your brain.




There are a few ways to participate. One is via Twitter, you can share photos of your creations, whatever they may be, by tweeting with the hash tag #30daysofcreativity. The second is on Pinterest, where they will have a board for everyday of the challenge, and you can pin photos of your creations on to those boards. It should be a pretty cool way to see all the things people are making.


Still not convinced? Here are the founders' 30 reasons to join in:



Garner a sense of accomplishment.

Form a (good) habit.
Conquer the fear of the unknown.
Find new friends.
Solve problems.
Refine your skillz.
Experiment with something new.
Defeat the resistance that’s in your head.
Save $ by being creative.
Build your portfolio.
Motivate friends and family to be creative too.
Exercise the creativity we’re all born with.
Overcome writer’s block.
Utilize the drafting table, DLSR Camera, Guitar you bought years ago.
Break the monotony of not doing anything creative.
Make your mom proud.
Network with other like-minded people.
Challenge yourself daily.
Show off and be proud of your creative work.
Join a creative community.
Do something free of judgment.
Move beyond your comfort zone
Inspire others.
Get excited about new things.
Improve time management.
Eliminate procrastination.
Have fun.
Gain self discipline.
Use this as an excuse to buy a new (camera/screenprinter/piano/etc).
Create stuff you’ve been wanting to do anyway.


Let us know if you'll be participating, and have a great weekend!