Legs, Cheekbones, Sense of Humor: Which Is the Last to Go?

Yesterday afternoon I was walking down the street when I saw a beautiful woman of a certain age. Maybe she was in her late 70s, maybe mid-80s, who knows. All I know is that she had the most amazing cheekbones. Imagine Sophia Loren, but older and with gray hair and definitely not a movie star. After the woman walked past me, I remembered a magazine article I read years ago that said a woman’s cheekbones are “the last thing to go.” Now, I once read a different magazine article that said a woman should be grateful if she has nice legs, because—as everyone knows—legs are “the last thing to go.”

But are legs or cheekbones really the last thing to go? What about nice wrists? Pretty fingernails? A nice smile? Or how about a sense of humor!?!?!

I’m taking an informal poll. Which do you think is “the last thing to go?” (And extra credit if you can define what “last thing to go” means exactly!):

• legs

• cheekbones

• nice wrists

• pretty fingernails

• a nice smile

• a sense of humor

• happiness

• a vindictive personality

• romantic love

• love for your fellow man

• trust

• the ability to wear attractive shoes

• the ability to forgive

• hope

• good handwriting

• need for caffeine (maybe that’s just me)

• need for a glass of wine at the end of the day (ditto)

• the ability to laugh at yourself

• faith

• none of the above

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