Summer Protection: For Your Locks

People always talk about SPF when you're out in the sun, but I'm always worried about my hair. How about you? The frizz and the dryness are not so cute. Not too long ago, I spoke with stylist Marcos Diaz at ION Studio NYC and asked him to share some summer tips on how-to keep your mane looking shiny and smooth during this humid season.




Real Simple:  What product do you recommend to prevent hair from drying out in the face of sun, salt water, and heat?    

Marcos Diaz: Products to use to keep hair healthy during the summer are a light leave-in conditioner or a serum. Regardless of which one you go with, try to concentrate product mainly on the ends since that is the area most susceptible to damage.


RS: If you don't have a hair product on-hand, what is another option to keep hair healthy through the summer?

Diaz: Another quick way to keep dryness and damage at bay is to use Sun Tan lotion…it's something that one usually has on hand during the summer and it's great at protecting ends from chlorine, salt and dryness.



RS: For our readers who want to give their heat styling tools a rest, what is a quick go-to option that you use on models?

Diaz: Sometimes when I'm on location shooting, I'll set hair by braiding it and putting a styling lotion or texturizing spray in it. When I take out the braid it leaves a nice wave and gives hair a ton of movement.

RS: What are your two favorite products, that could be used with the options you suggested?

Diaz: These are two products that would work…

For a light leave-in conditioner try:

SU's Conditioner Moisturizing Softening Leave In Conditioner

To buy: $27, for salons

 SU Conditioner[1]



For a texturing spray try:

SU's Defining Texturizer

To buy: $21, for salons


Defining Texturizer 125ml



I love the leave-in conditioner tip, I've been doing that lately with all this arid weather and it's helps seal any split ends, in addition to adding some shine to my otherwise dull hair. What some of your summer hair solutions? Share below! 




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