Smart Product: Whitelines Notebooks

May 16, 2011 | By | Comments (1)

Last week on our Facebook page, we asked how you organize your to-do list, and the resounding response (with 1,716 votes) was that you use pen and paper. So, we're betting that you'll like Whitelines, a clever notebook company that has pulled a switcheroo on the traditional lined notebook.




What makes Whitelines so unique is that they've reversed the traditional light paper with dark lines, and instead their sheets are a light grey paper with white lines. It's especially helpful for graph paper, because the lines act as guides without getting in the way of your drawings or notes. Take a look at a close up of the paper:




And the best part? When you photo copy Whitelines pages, the lines disappear. So it's perfect for making handwritten posters or handouts. Just be ready for people to remark on your perfectly spaced handwriting.


You can see the range of their products available on Amazon.


What do you think of Whitelines? Do you think it would be easier to write on?



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