Great Over-the-sofa Art Idea

May 16, 2011 | By | Comments (4)

Ah, that dreaded white space over a bed or sofa. There are two great ideas that I spotted online today for art over the sofa or bed that I think you'll love. The first is over on my blog, decor8, where I shared an amazing new Dutch product that I think you will really find cool and they'll ship to the states for a reasonable price. Click here to check that out.

And the next great idea is this one… coming from Nichole who writes the blog, Little Brown Pen.


Nichole Robertson and her husband Evan live outside of NYC and frequently travel on work-related business to France where she captures tons of Paris views on her camera, then sells her delightful pictures on Etsy. I've blogged about those before, but this post is more to praise her for her display idea for over the sofa in her living room.

"We have 14 foot ceilings, so we needed something large scale. We printed nine 16x20s for a client, which gave us the idea. In addition, each of the photos in the black collection is a place/thing that has special meaning to my husband and me."


I think the layout is quite amazing and a great use of wall space given that she has higher ceilings than most. This looks great, and I liked that she used all of her photographs from the Black and White series she took. Great work Nichole, very inspirational!

(image: nichole robertson)