No More Tangles!

Range-2 Pet Peeve: Tangles. Tangled necklaces, tangled cords, tangled headphones. Obviously, this is but a small annoyance, but spending ten minutes trying to unfurl unending, unrelenting knots before hitting the gym, going for a jog, or even just sitting down for a long ride on the bus is one of those things that can make my blood boil.

Simple solution: Zipbuds. (left) When these cuties arrived in the mail last week, I did a little jig of joy. Why hadn't someone thought of this before? Instead of two tangle-prone cords the Zipbuds merge into one colorful zipper, which of course you can adjust to suit your needs. When you're done listening, simply zip 'em up, wrap them around your ipod or just shove them in your purse and the next time you reach for them—voila! No tangles!! Ahh, the silent sound of a snag-free solution. ($40 per pair.)