Get Creative With The Granimator App!

May 11, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

If you love art and have an iPad or iPhone you're going to love me in about 5 seconds! Maybe this should be over in the Technology blog on Simply Stated but I cannot resist talking about the Granimator here because I figure creatives read decorating blogs and naturally are interested in anything that even remotely has to do with artistic things, am I right? But yes, the Granimator. The huh? No, this isn't something that you expect to see for $19.99 on a late night infomercial. It's actually a graphic wallpaper creator where you select from a choice of shapes, styles and backgrounds, then draw them — then erase, move, scale and rotate to create compositions.

(Work above is from Australian artist Kareena Zerefos and the pack is called Raindrops on roses.)

Each shape represents a sound that can be manipulated and played – adding another creative and interactive level to the app. If you think that is cool, there is more. The makers of this app have collaborated with creatives all over the work to make packs that can populate and transform the app into a new experience for the user and are available within the app to download at no charge.

In this app there are over 40 ‘artist packs’ to download for free with more to come! Collaborators include: James Joyce, Jon Burgerman, Kate Moross, Airside, Moving Brands, Non Format, Buro Destruct, Power Graphixx, Groovisions, Ten do Ten, Hoxue Que, Hidehito Shinnou, Frankenstyles, Mike Perry, Manhattan Born, Yker Moreno to name a few.

You can also have fun and post your compositions via flickr, Facebook, Twitter, email and the Granimator website. Have fun!

(images: granimator)