What If You Could Create Your Own Candle?

Much like choosing a perfume, picking a scented candle can be a pretty personal decision. So what if you could make your own candle? Bath and Body Works teamed up with one my favorite candle makers, Slatkin & Co., to help you do just that.


Candle scents should transport you somewhere else and completely change the mood of your room. I love using candles in my tiny—emphasis on tiny—apartment to freshen it up or to help mask cooking odors. The ceramic Slatkin & Co. candles are some of my favorites, because they don't even look like candles when they aren't lit. Plus they have several shapes, for example a pineapple (which are considered to be good luck in some cultures) and my personal favorite, their turtle shaped ones. How cute would these be for a summer party?

  HF Figural Turtle Green Lit[2]To buy: $28 for three, qvc.com


Even though we're just starting to feel the summer weather (well, in New York at least), Bath and Body Works and Slatkin are looking towards Holiday 2011. If you want have your perfect holiday scent enter their latest contest. Submit you're favorite dessert recipe at MyCandleRecipe.com for chance to have your tasty dessert turned into a candle and sold with Bath & Body Works Holiday Gourmand Candle Collection this year. 


Best of luck beauty bakers!



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