Do or Don’t: Hair Extensions

Up until a few months ago, my hair was almost to my waist, and I loved the long wavy locks. Then I got a new job and decided to chop it (more than 7 inches). Since then I’ve been battling my now shoulder length hair. I was hoping all of you would give me your thoughts on a possible solution to my blasé attitude towards my hair.

My solution: extensions. Yes, I admitted it. I am thinking about getting extensions until my hair grows out at least 4 or 5 inches. Would you get extensions if you didn’t like your hair cut?


The way I see it, if you got a color you didn’t like you would immediately re-color it. So why can’t I do the same thing with the length? I would love your feedback because I am on the fence about this. I have multiple weddings for close family and friends this summer (my amazing big brother being one of them), so I don’t want to completely hate the pictures.


What would you do? Get extensions or just wait for it to grow out? Weigh in below!


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