How To: Really Easy Mood Board Idea

May 6, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

It's May and as summer draws near it's a great time to freshen up your mood board with things that will inspire your life with a summer theme. On a mood board you can pin ideas for your next patio cocktail party or a few decorsting ideas for the balcony. I refer to my mood board constantly and find that freshening it also helps to freshen my perspective and to get me out of creative ruts. Lots of you like the idea of a mood board but not everyone has one and I'd like to encourage you to start working on a board pronto! I thought I'd share speedy DIY so you can have a mood board up within 5 minutes – no lie – and for under $10 or even free if you have a spare piece of linen laying around. Here is my office with the mood board that I'd like to tell you how to make in minutes.

My desk


  1. First, you'll need 2 yards of lightweight linen if you want one that is like mine (above).
  2. Then, cut it to fill a space on your wall where you'd like to look to for inspiration. Mine (shown) is above my desk. I frayed the edges and then trimmed it to be neat but to still look homemade.
  3. Nail it to the wall, letting it drape slightly between the nails. Not kidding! Nail it! I nailed mine in 5 places, eventually spaced, along the top only.
  4. Conceal the nails by wrapping 3/4 width ribbon around them in a simple loop casually letting them drape down in different lengths.
  5. Using Japanese washi craft tape (it sticks but doesn't ruin stuff and you can easily remove it later on), tape up your inspirations – from tear sheets in magazines to art from etsy and postcards, wrappers, train tickets, maps — anything and everything paper that inspires you. You can even tape up more ribbon or fabric cuts or paint swatches. Go to town!
  6. Edit your board every few days to keep it fresh or commit to removing everything and taping up new inspirations every week or two.


How easy was that!? Go ahead, try it at home and have fun!


(image: holly becker)