Host a Royal Wedding Celebration

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Having spent the past few months living in London, I’ve naturally become royally obsessed with the Royal Wedding and was even dubbed “the wedding obsessive” by my former colleagues at the BBC. With a mere two days until Prince William and Kate Middleton say “I do,” I’ve finally started to plan my own celebration.

Originally I planned to host a breakfast party to celebrate, but I realized most of my friends don’t fancy the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn (the wedding broadcasts begin at 6 am EST). My next great idea? Record the wedding and host a breakfast-for-dinner party.

Since a Royal Wedding isn’t just any occasion, here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about:


An elegant breakfast to celebrate the royal wedding is the perfect excuse to use nicer dishware and cutlery. Nothing says royalty quite like a white linen tablecloth, fine china and polished silver. I’ll be using the Royal Albert “Polka Rose” tea set (cup and saucer, $60 at I bought myself as a souvenir to remember my time in England. The more tasteful wedding memorabilia, like this tea towel I was gifted ($10 at, will make a great addition to my table. I want to keep the setting simple (but festive!) for an air of sophistication.


Royal Albert tea set 

I’m excited about getting dressed for the occasion, but a morning dress (a dress paired with a matching jacket) isn’t quite my style so I’ll trade that for a sundress. To maintain some tradition, I’ll definitely pair my dress with a fun hat. If I have time, I’ll even save some money by making my own with the help of DailyCandy’s D.I.Y. video.

If you and your guests are having a true breakfast party, it might seem daunting to think about dressing up for such an early event. Why not make it a pajama party? Tell your guests to come in their coziest bathrobes and slippers.


What could be better than serving the Queen of England’s very own drop scones? The family recipe will be included in an upcoming exhibit at the National Archives and, luckily, a copy has been released just in time for the wedding celebrations.

Queen Elizabeth's Drop Scones

While it’s easy to remember the basics such as tea and scones, I’m looking forward to cooking a full English breakfast to serve my guests a more hearty meal. The traditional British breakfast typically includes an assortment of eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, toast, and fried bread.


It’s always nice to send guests home with a memento to remember the occasion by and there is no shortage of quirky souvenirs out there. One artist even designed a sick bag for all the royal naysayers ($5 at

I like subtlety, so I’ve chosen a commemorative souvenir mug ($15 at because it’s something that my friends can use daily. If you’re looking for something smaller that you can make yourself, pass out small bottles of bubbles and tie on a blue ribbon with a British flag or a picture of Prince William and his bride-to-be. You and your guests can blow bubbles after the vows to celebrate.

How are you planning to celebrate the royal wedding? I’d love to hear what your plans are.



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