Can I create a custom bike jersey?

April 18, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

IMG_2407 Last month, when my husband started his new business, Steve the Bike Guy, providing mobile bicycle services, he and I discussed all the different items he would need to promote his services.

At the end of the list – logo, business cards, web site – was one unusual item. He wanted a custom bike jersey to wear when he (and I) were riding. The problem? Bicycle jerseys are very specialized, and often very expensive items, which can't normally be printed in batches of one or two.

Need I mention that the quality of the jersey is important also? Not just any jersey would do for my bike guy.

Enter where we could design a "semi-custom" jersey – basically one of their 40+ pre-designed jerseys and shorts printed with Steve's logo.

The design process was easy with Voler provided online guidance on file specifications. If we wanted, we could have ordered a blank jersey as a sizing sample, then returned for a full refund minus shipping.

We purchased two Allez Jerseys (one for women, one for men) in Royal Blue, and had the logo printed on the front and back. Each jersey cost $72 and took nearly a month to arrive.

I was really pleased with the resulting jersey – the colors of his logo are vivid and the concealed zipper doesn't interrupt the image on the front. My husband thought the shirt was well constructed and liked lightweight quality of the fabric.

He also loved that he and I will be cycling billboards for his new business.