How To Make Your Blowout Last for Four Days

April 14, 2011 | By | Comments (2)

We've discussed how I wish I could blow dry my own hair exactly the way my hair stylist does, but as of yet I haven't figured it out. Until that day comes, I had stylist Paul Cucinello give me the secrets on how to make my blow out last four days. Yes, you read right: four days.




Paul, salon Creative Director and former Shear Genius participant, created a simple recipe for us to follow. I promise it works! Since meeting with him a few weeks back, I've tried it over and over again. I'm getting my hair done tonight and have full intention of using these tips to keep my hair look fabulous long after I've left the salon.


What you'll need:

- 1 satin pillowcase

- 1 cloth scrunchie

- bobby pins

- a cotton scarf or bandanna

- a plastic shower cap

- dry shampoo

- large barrel curling iron (2 inches in diameter)

- 2.5-inch self-hold curlers

- your favorite perfume


Day 1 Night: Before bed, make sure your satin pillowcase is on the pillow you lay on. For the first night you will be letting your settle a bit, so try to be careful while sleeping. Pull the back of your hair into a really high ponytail on the very top of your head at the crown and secure with your scrunchie. Leave the front and frame out. This way your ends will be undisturbed, but the front and sides should remain some what intact.


Day 2 Morning: Flip your head over, pull your hair into a loose high ponytail (use your scrunchie, again) and put a bandanna around your hairline so your frame stays protected under the shower cap. Shower and then shake out your hair to let it resettle.


Day 2 Night: Repeat the original ponytail routine from the night before.


Day 3 Morning: Today it probably doesn't look as good when you let your hair down, so here are a couple ways to spruce it up: Take two inch sections and lightly spray the dry shampoo at the roots. Then take big sections and wrap around the self-hold curlers (following the same direction as the original blowout). Once all your hair is up, put the bandanna around your hairline to protect against a leaky shower cap. Once out of the shower, shake out your hair and let it resettle. Use a little hair spray for additional hold.


Day 3 Night: Pull all your hair into a really high ponytail with your scrunchie and then twist it into a loose bun on the very top of your head at the crown. Secure with bobby pins, where you need to.


Day 4 Morning: Heat up your curling iron and while it's heating take 2-inch sections and lightly spray dray shampoo at the roots. Then take big sections and use the curling iron to give volume and shape; make sure to use the curling iron in the same direction of the blowout like the previous day. Do the same with the self-hold curlers.  Then secure the curlers and use the bandanna to cover your hairline, put on your shower cap and shower. After your shower, shake your hair out and use a little more dry shampoo or hairspray for some more hold. Spritz your favorite perfume on the underside of your hair to give you a long lasting scent for the rest of the day.


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What are some of your tricks to keep your blowout going? Many people I've spoken to had some version of this. Share your own beauty tips below!