Keeping Clutter Off Your Reading List

April 12, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

Over on today, we’re talking about keeping clutter off bookshelves. One thing that has helped me significantly to curb bookshelf clutter is to schedule when I’m going to read books, the same way I might schedule a meeting or plan to see a movie with a friend.

Scheduling time to read is fun for me because it’s usually a reward after a long day of work and tending to responsibilities around the house. It also helps me to keep my to-read list of books from growing out-of-control.

I keep a list of books I want to acquire on my Amazon Wish List. I don’t always buy books through Amazon, but that is where I keep my list. One thing that is nice is that the Wish List tracks when I added a title. Every few months or so, I go through the list and delete anything that has lingered for a year and was never acquired. If I really wanted to read a book, I would acquire it within a year. I can also set high, medium, and low priorities, to help me decide which book to get next.

Once I have a book, I put it on a to-read bookshelf in my living room or in my active queue on my Kindle. I try not to have more than 20 or 30 books in my to-read selection at a time. I can read that many books in about four months, so that is why the limit is set where it is.

Another thing I do that has helped with my reading is that I have stopped feeling guilty about abandoning a book I don’t like. If something stops catching my attention and I find myself avoiding my date with reading, I’ll stop reading a book. Making this change has helped me tremendously because to-read books stop piling up while I try to make it through a book I don’t like.

How do you keep your to-read list from overwhelming your home? Do you have a system in place to keep track of what you want to acquire and read? Share your tips and methods in the comments.