How I’m Preparing My Skin for Summer

April 11, 2011 | By | Comments (0)

With these ever-changing temperatures, my face is starting to get a little weathered. Is yours as well? I found two treatments—an every-day and a nighttime routine—that have kept my skin glowing, soft, and clear.




Although skin is particular to each person, I wanted to share these routines with you because of how gently they have treated my skin. I generally have very dry skin throughout the winter and then during the summer my skin gets sensitive—instead of balancing out with the warmer weather. So to prepare I switched to Weleda's Sweet Almond Line. This organic brand's in-house aesthetician, Patricia Pol, explained to me that "our skin is often affected by external influences, which can lead to skin sensitivity. The organic sweet almond oil is perfect for bringing skin back into balance and soothing irritation.” My favorite part: I find these products so luxurious and relaxing.



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Another product I've recently discovered that saved me was Osmotics Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment. The minute I felt the weather drastically changing, I started this seven-day treatment and felt like my skin was completely renewed. I asked Francine Porter, the CEO and founder of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals, to explain what is in these little ampoules that makes them so effective."L-Carnosine, [which is] a potent antioxidant that scavenges age-accelerating free radicals and a natural extract derived from carob seeds that stimulates tissue regeneration,” she answered. It “helps repair damaged skin while reducing stress, redness, and irritation."

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What are your secrets to adjusting your regimen and keeping your skin clear? Share the products that keep you looking your best during these unpredictable months.